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Envitus, is the flagship product of Alcodex. This is a hyperlocal integrated environment monitoring platform with  a proprietary sensor platform and a IoT Suite to remotely and continuously monitor various environmental parameters on real time for cognitive decision making.

Yearly Over 7 million people die of air pollution and over 2.2 million people die of unsafe water. On a wider horizon, the impact of poor air and water is adversely affecting biodiversity and leading to endangering and extinction of flora and fauna. The fundamental approach to preserving biodiversity is to help in identifying, monitoring, and creating awareness of environmental pollution at a hyperlocal level.

A solution with a portable device with AI powered IoT suite to measure hyperlocal air quality and ambient weather parameters.

A solution to enable people and communities to continuously monitor real time water quality levels to ensure safe water.

 An elegantly designed, and an innovative IoT solution for farmers using in-situ soil monitors for precision farming.

A solution for early warning and emergency communication with quick action and immediate response systems.

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