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Idea Book

Alcodex offers a number of innovative products that are readily customizable for the customer. We do not offer packaged, ready to use products. Instead, we offer product ideas and building blocks that can be realized into saleable products by the customers.


IndustrEye is a network discovery and visualization software, targeted for industrial networks. It leverages on our decades of experience with industrial networks, to design heuristic algorithms that can discover and dig information from the network devices. This data is then used to make a network map that provides a clear and concise view of the network to the user. This tool is especially useful to troubleshoot missing links and isolated segments of the network, when link or device failure leaves a network in afailed state.Get more info.


StreamSurance is a multicast validation and troubleshooting tool that is targeted to networks that carry streaming videos, such as security systems and traffic monitoring. StreamSurance is very useful to quickly validate a network for the right performance of streaming video, so that the user will not have surprises while attending to critical needs.Get more info.


Triple-S, also known as 'Smart Switch System' is a software platform for manged layer 2 switches. This is a lean and efficient software that is very frugal on resources, and hence suitable for small footprint platforms, that doesn't want to scale down on performance. Triple-S is posix compliant, and can run on any embedded operating system that supports Posix.Get more info.