Multimedia Service offerings:

  • Multimedia software design and development services for multimedia products and applications.
  1. Platforms: PC (Linux, Windows, MAC), mobile devices and embedded devices
  • HMI
  1. Development and testing of User Interface (UI)
  2. Application / Business logic development and testing.
  3. Reengineering and enhancements of GUI.
  4. Frameworks: Qt, WPF, GENIVI, etc.
  • Multimedia-related driver development
  • Custom Codec Development
  • Codec Optimization
  • Communication Protocol Design and Development
  • Migrating solutions from one platform to another
  • Porting codecs and frameworks

Solutions Expertise:

Automotive IVI Audio/Video Players IPTV
Set Top Box Video Cameras Home Media Centre

Tools and Technologies

Frameworks and Platforms: FFmpeg, Gstreamer, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectShow, etc. Tools: Qt, WPF, etc