Alcodex has immense expertise in Linux:

Board bringup and bootloading:

Experience in board bringup and porting/developing Boot Loaders for several types of processors

  1. ARM 7,
  2. ARM 9 - Atmel SAM9G25, SAM9X35, SAM9X25,
  3. ARM –Cortex A5 (Atmel SAMA5D31, SAMA5D34, SAMA5D35),
  4. ARM –Cortex A9 – (freescale i.MX 6 series, Altera's Cyclone V SoCs),
  5. ARM Cortex-A8 (BeagleBoard based on SoC TI OMAP3530)
  6. PowerPC, MIPS architecture based boards and SoCs.
  7. Also, expertise with open source frameworks like Redboot and Uboot.

Linux Kernel:

  1. Linux Kernel bug fixing.
  2. Providing support to new hardware in Linux by implementing driver modules and integrating with the kernel.
  3. Kernel Porting – porting kernel versions 3.10.17, 3.10.9, 3.6.9, 2.6 and 2.4 to different architectures.

Linux File System Support

  1. File System (RomFS, ProcFS, JFFS2) porting to various kernels and frameworks.

Linux Driver & Application Programming

  1. Driver development.
  2. Implementation of network protocols and stacks.
  3. Userspace applications.
  4. Opensource applications porting.
  5. GCC porting.

Linux Libraries & Tool Chains Development

Linux Virtualization Technologies

  1. Open source virtualization technologies such as, XEN.

Other Areas:

  1. Linux friendly board design.
  2. Porting/Migrating existing systems.