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Alcodex’s core competence in networking and connectivity with strong expertise in embedded systems coupled with mobility, analytics and cloud expertise enables us to provide end to end IoT solutions. Leveraging our technology, networking industry and delivery expertise, we provide companies with simple, robust and comprehensive solutions. Alcodex has immense expertise in

  • Development of BSP & device drivers.
  • Device connectors for sensors.
  • PLCs
  • Embedded application development for Linux, eLinux, RIOT, Contiki, TinyOS, Android, uCLinux, Integrity, eCos, POSIX, Cygwin, VxWorks.
  • App development for Windows, Android, iOS, MAC.
  • Communication expertise: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, 3G, NFC, 6lowpan, Zigbee, CAN, Modbus, etc.
  • IoT Backbone components: TCP, UDP IPv4, IPv6, and 6LoWPAN.
  • IoT OS: RIOT, Contiki, eLinux, Linux, Android, TinyOS.
  • Device and Cloud Protocols: MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS (RESTful), CoAP, SNMP,etc.
  • PaaS: IBM Bluemix.
  • Alcodex leverages our solid experience in developing telecom equipment platforms to provide device management and Identity and Access Management services.
Alcodex’s IoT (Internet of Things) services spectrum span from things development to end-user applications. We provide complete product development life cycle services for Things, that is, concept to manufacturing of SoC, Open Source Hardware Platform, Low Power Embedded System, Smartphone, Wearable Devices, Smart Objects and Machine, Sensors. Our IoT gateway development services include end to end development of Routers, Bridge, Hubs, Smartphone, Hardware Platform and Smart Edge Nodes. We provide Device Management, Identity and Access Management, Sensor Data Management, Message Routing, Event Benefits Processing, Analytics and Custom Applications as part of our cloud services portfolio. Alcodex‘s application team develops apps and algorithms for various use cases, such as, Reporting, Data visualization, Remote diagnostics, Predictive Analytics, Automation, etc
IoT services:
  • Providing consulting for selection of hardware for custom or specific IoT application or solution
  • New Product Development , Product sustenance and Feature enhancement
  • Hardware Design Services
  • Embedded application and firmware
  • Device drivers
  • Development and integration Protocol stacks
  • Device testing
  • SDK and API development
  • M2M solutions
  • Developing industry specific solutions across technologies such as, Connectivity, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, etc.
  • Application development on top of reference platforms
IoT is creating new avenues for businesses to:
  • Drive Efficiencies
  • Offer new levels of service
  • New revenue
  • Increasing product value proposition by providing differentiated and proactive customer experience based on internal data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • New product development for an IoT device based on ATSAMR21G18A and Contiki OS.