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Alcodex have experience in supporting applications that involve monitoring and control of intersections and highways. Data communication channels for transportation systems has migrated to Ethernet, be it for interconnecting the intersection controllers, or to carry the streaming video of surveillance cameras. Alcodex have experience in building network devices that interface with the Caltrans 2070 standard and a host of video streaming systems.

Traffic intersections are hostile environment. They are outdoors, and therefore subject to extremes of temperatures. They are also subject to electromagnetic interferences, while required to function reliably. The brains behind Alcodex have experience addressing these stringent requirements, and building system that have been successfully installed at locations worldwide.

StreamSurance, Alcodex’s system verification and validation tool for media streaming provides a innovative solution to validate the network.

StreamSurance, a customizable software that can serve the roles of stream sources and receivers, which simulate various stream management protocols such as IGMP, GMRP and PIM. The user can easily verify the configuration of the network and pinpoint potential problems, rather than watching the video streams for artifacts.

StreamSurance is customizable SRS ready product solution from Alcodex's Ideation team.